Jasmine Sierra

writing on the run.

Jasmine Sierra is a student of Spalding University pursuing her MFA in poetry, and in the midst of organizing her first collection, AVOIDANT PERSONALITY. Her work has been featured in Winter Tangerine, Vagabond City Literature, Unrooted, and a host of her college publications.

United States of America



that's why they call her the trauma queen | Jasmine Lomax

where were you lookin' for happiness? in the bottle? in the bottom of her heart?

Nommo Magazine

date in de summertime.

2013 - 2014


mermaid tales.

she always dreamed up shades of blue.


to the 'other' girl.

i know you wanna blend in but you can't make a wolf out of a sheep.



missing from the world, missing from my thoughts.

Blackberry Magazine

Never Found

he went missing and never came back.